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Don't Divide Dunsany Nature Reserve!

We feel very strongly that we should help organisations and initiatives that strive towards the same objective as we do: to protect animals and to help our earth survive this sh*tstorm that we humans have unleashed on it. Last year, the amazing team at Dunsany Nature Reserve put out a call for members of the public to submit objections to the Transport Authority. We were more than happy to do our bit.

The Transport Authority was consulting on a number of matters, including a train line from Dublin to Navan. We are generally very much in favour of public transport, but for it to be worthwhile, it needs to be well thought out and implemented in service areas that need it. Sadly, the route that was being proposed actually avoided the densest areas of population and, even worse, transected Dunsany Nature Reserve.

The reserve is an amazing rewilding project that protects established fauna and flora and looks to help newer populations become established and flourish. A train line running through the middle of this would have a significant impact, particularly on animal populations. So we said 'Transport Authority - Hold Up! Don't Divide Dunsany!'

Read our concerns below:

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