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We have accepted the reality that our dogs are significantly better looking than us. Accomplishments, backgrounds, descriptions are our own, but we appreciate that our dogs are probably (definitely) far more interesting. 

PS - we like cats too (don't tell the dogs)


Sleeping white terrier dog

David is the Chairman of our Charity Board (England and Wales) and the person who keeps us on the straight and narrow. He's also meant to be the financial brains of the organisation (which to be honest isn't too hard right now...) David undertakes any maths/ statistics/ numerbery type shiz for TAAP and when he's not doing that he can usually be found playing computer games with a dog perched on his lap.


David's pupper is a rescue from Dublin called Scampi. Pictured doing one of her 3 favourite things, the other two being eating and trying to savage rats. ​


Soulful white greyhound

Andy is based in Ireland and has been a long time animal advocate and rescuer - having previously run a dog rescue. Alongside Andy's work for TAAP she is also involved in drafting public submissions for government consultations on behalf of welfare and rescue groups and she fosters and rehabilitates dogs. When not doing all these amazing things, Andy loves vodka, crisps and Netlfix - in any order - as long as they all arrive at the same time....   

Andy's pupper is Seamus. He an 11 year old failed racer who enjoys the occasional banana and singing to opera.


Cute little terrier dog in harness

Randi is our TAAP team leader. She is a lawyer with experience in animal law in both the UK and the US, as well as an extensive practice history in US intellectual property law. Randi is a chair of the Companion Animal Law Group of a leading UK animal law charity.  She volunteers with several British and American charities for humans. She is also a yoga teacher and a Les Mills fitness instructor.


Pictured is Randi's best friend Oscar Tony, a rescue mix. In their spare time, Randi and Oscar Tony enjoy yelling/barking at the TV, though only Randi writes about it, along with theatre.


Bulldog sitting at pub table looking at treat

Richard is one of our trustees. He has a huge amount of experience in marketing - hence he's our marketing/ publicity/ making-people-like-us-and-give-us-money guru.  

When Richard isn't making it rain for TAAP or working, he can probably be found trying to convince his rescue Matilda to stop chasing squirrels, or enjoying a pint at his favourite local pub. It’s a hard life.


Fluffy little dog with tongue out

Christine is our resident animal rescue expert. Having run her own dog rescue in Ireland for a time and having been a longtime foster to many a broken and misunderstood pup, Christine has had first hand experience of the problems TAAP is trying to solve. This experience has made her passionate about animal advocacy. 


When Christine isn't working and saving animals, she loves walks in the countryside and photographing the landscape and wildlife.  Pictured is Toby - the derpiest, cutest raggamuffin who Christine rescued.


Pug sitting and looking up at camera

Michelle is a trustee and the Board Secretary. She is a dual qualified solicitor (NZ/ England and Wales). Michelle has previously been on the board of a charity concerned with issues relating to social justice and poverty, as well as volunteering for an animal advocacy charity. Michelle likes to garden (she’s not very good).

Pictured is Nelson who looks suitably grumpy in this photo - he is Michelle's right hand man for a reason - they are both good at having a rant (Nelson’s ranting is usually directed at pigeons). When not ranting they can both normally be found rewatching episodes of Schitt's Creek and Gilmore Girls with a wine in hand.

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