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Joining The Fight: How to Become an Animal Advocate

Dreaming of becoming an all-powerful animal advocate but don’t know where to even begin? We’ve got your back, because in this blog we’re gonna take you through some of the steps to make those world-changer dreams come true.

Sidenote - if you’re not sure of the difference between an animal activism and animal welfare, you can find it here.

Step 1: Knowledge is (obviously) Power 🤓

First things first, bun-buns – if you want to become an awesome animal advocate but you don’t know where to start, take some time to think about which causes resonate the most with you. What animals are you passionate about? What issues are they facing? What needs to be done? We also recommend doing some general reading around animal rights, for bonus points. We have a top tier reading list here, if you need some help. Trust us, knowledge is the most powerful weapon in this fight.

Step 2: Join the Pack 🐺

Okay, now that you've got some info and some fire in your belly, it's time to find your tribe. Joining animal advocacy groups is like discovering your brothers and sisters in arms. These are the people who will have your back, teach you the ropes, and share in your passion for making the world a better place for animals. They will also keep you updated on news and things you can do to help.

Don't know where to start? Facebook, Instagram, and good ol' Google are your friends. Look for local animal advocacy groups, wildlife conservation organisations, and animal shelters. It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned pro or a newbie – there's always room for more world-changers.

Step 3: Get Vocal, Baby! 📣

Now that you're armed with knowledge and have your support squad, it's time to make some serious noise. Advocacy is all about amplifying your voice for those who society simply won’t listen to.

Share informative posts, engaging stories, and calls to action on your social media. Use this online presence to raise awareness about the issues that you feel people need to know about. Remember, every like, share, and retweet can make a difference to people’s perceptions and to the lives of animals. Sharing content onwards is also a really easy way of supporting your favourite charities - they reach more people, and you save time creating posts! Speaking of, do you follow us on Insta? You probably should. We make it super easy for you to use your voice to make change, and it’s all good vibes.

Step 4: Show Me the Money 💰

Okay, let's face it – making a real impact sometimes requires cold, hard cash. Animal advocacy isn't just about hugging rescue doggos (though that's a pretty awesome part of it). Donating to animal charities, wildlife sanctuaries, and conservation projects can help fund crucial initiatives that save lives and make a change. For example, you can drop us a cheeky donation anytime and we’ll love you forever.

But that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank! Even small, regular donations can add up and make a significant impact over time. And if you're feeling extra passionate, why not organise a fundraiser? Get creative – host a charity bake sale, a virtual animal-themed trivia night, or even a cute pet calendar competition to raise money for your chosen charity.

Step 5: Shop Smart 🛒

You know what they say: you vote with your wallet. And you, my friend, are voting for a world that's kinder to animals. Make conscious choices when shopping for products. Look for cruelty-free and eco-friendly brands that don't harm animals in the process, you can find a great list of cruelty-free brands here, if you’re unsure.

You can also reduce your environmental pawprint by opting for more sustainable choices. Say no to single-use plastics, support local farmers and artisans, and consider adopting a plant-based diet – it's not just great for your health, but for the planet and animals too.

Step 6: Educate, Don't Hate 📚

Let's get real for a moment – not everyone is on board with the animal advocacy train (we know, truly baffling, right?). You might encounter people who don't quite see eye to eye with you. But instead of entering into a full-blown argument and attempting to shame or guilt them, try to focus on having an open and honest discussion.

Arm yourself with facts and a dose of patience. Share stories and statistics that highlight the importance of animal advocacy. And remember, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Being respectful and understanding can go a long way in changing hearts and minds. Here at TAAP, we do feel-good advocacy, no bad vibes.

Step 7: Be the Change You Want to See 🌟

Be the change that you wish to see in the world!!! Leading by example is one of the most powerful ways to inspire others to join the animal advocacy movement. Adopting a rescue pet, volunteering at a local shelter, or even starting your own community clean-up campaign are all fantastic ways to walk the walk. People are drawn to those who live their values, so be a shining example of compassion and kindness toward animals.

Step 8: Keep Up the Good Fight! 🥊

Animal advocacy isn't a one-time gig – it's a lifelong commitment. The issues facing animals are ever-evolving, so it's essential to stay informed, open-minded and adaptable. And don't forget to celebrate the wins along the way! Every animal saved, every policy change, and every person you inspire is a victory worth popping the champagne for.

BTW: You’re Already Cool

So there you have it, you beautiful animal warrior, you. Becoming an animal advocate is all about combining your passion, knowledge, and attitude to make a difference in the lives of animals everywhere. Join the pack, get vocal, and be the change you want to see in the world. Remember, being an advocate doesn’t mean you have to be a saint. No, you don’t need to be vegan and no you don’t need to be leading marches outside Downing Street every week, if you’re making an effort (for example if you’re reading this blog), you’re already heckin’ amazing in our book.

Together, we can create a world where animals are cherished and protected. So go on, unleash your inner rebel bunny, and let's make this world a better place 🐾💪🌍

Looking to get involved? For more info, advice, or just to have a chat and send us some dog pics, get in touch with us. You can also sign up to our newsletter below for double points.

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