So dog breeding on a massive scale is legal in Ireland. There is no limit on the number of dogs that can be kept for breeding purposes. The only proviso is if you have more than 6 bitches, over the age of 6 months and capable of breeding, you need a license from the local authority. The license must state - the owner's name, address, the address of the dog breeding establishment  (DBE), how many bitches are allowed to be kept and any conditions attaching to registration. The register kept by each local authority MUST be made available to the public.

This list is here because some local authorities (not all) like to play silly buggers and make it very difficult for members of the public to access their register. Sigh...


We try to ensure that this list is updated twice yearly.  Where a list is available on a local authority's website we will note this. 

Also note - boarding kennels and rescues are supposed to be registered where they have more than 6 bitches capable of breeding - even if there is no intention to breed.

The Animal Advocacy Project is a charity registered in England and Wales - Charity Number 1189603

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