PLEASE NOTE:  We do not in any way endorse any of the breeders on the list below. In fact if you are concerned about welfare of dogs we would urge you to please ADOPT NOT SHOP. 


We would urge any prospective buyer to undertake research to ensure that the facility you are buying the dog from is a good place for both the puppy and the breeding mother and stud. We have written a short piece on puppy farming in Ireland with links to some helpful articles.

But we accept that for a raft of different reasons people will still look to buy dogs -  so we at least want to help the buyers to be informed in order to make the best possible decision. The dog breeding legislation in Ireland is not drafted brilliantly so it encapsulates small scale breeders all the way to huge establishments (see note below). There is a lack of transparency around the enforcement of dog breeding legislation so there is presently very little way to know the standards kept in any of these places. The only information that comes into the public domain is generally when there are such poor conditions on site that enforcement action is taken/ the gards/ ISPCA raid the facility.  

Here are some things to bare in mind if you are looking to buy a dog - the legislation does not place any limit on the number of dogs that can be kept for breeding purposes - there are facilities in Ireland with up to 300 breeding bitches.  The only proviso is if you have more than 6 bitches, over the age of 6 months and capable of breeding, you need a license from the local authority. The license must state - the owner's name, address, the address of the dog breeding establishment  (DBE), how many bitches are allowed to be kept and any conditions attaching to registration. The register kept by each local authority MUST be made available to the public.

This list is here because some local authorities (not all) like to play silly buggers and make it very difficult for members of the public to access their register. Sigh... 


We try to ensure that this list is updated twice yearly.  Where a list is available on a local authority's website we will note this. 

Also note - boarding kennels and rescues are supposed to be registered where they have more than 6 bitches capable of breeding - even if there is no intention to breed.