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Image Credit: Jo-Anne McArthur/ We Animals

Our work spans all sectors of animal use including companion (your pooch), farmed, wildlife and medical/scientific testing. Individual instances of abuse, neglect or exploitation are terrible and must be addressed, but our focus is the institutional failings that may allow abuse to go unchecked.

To give an idea of what we mean by this - consider puppy farming in Ireland. It's no secret that there have been serious welfare breaches in some registered (legal) puppy farms. Farms that are required as part of their registration to reach certain standards, and where local authority vets are meant to inspect these farms to make sure the these standards are maintained. Yet despite there being a regulatory system that should safeguard the dogs - welfare problems still seem to arise quite often. We saw these problems happening again and again - and thought what the hell? What is going wrong with the enforcement of the legislation that means these problems are slipping through the net? So we investigated the issue and this lead us to realise the problems presenting in puppy farms were indicative of much broader, systemic issues in the operation of public bodies and how they approached animal welfare issues. Yes, the legislation was being enforced in a patchy and inconsistent way, but the reason why this was, and still is happening, is due to a host of problems. Problems such as a broken Freedom of Information process, an apparent lack of regulation of the veterinary profession, deficiencies in the application of planning and environmental legislation and an overarching failure of government ministers to ensure that local authorities are operating in compliance with the law. And this is just puppy farming... 


Yup! We know that addressing these issues is a huge task. But we feel strongly that it needs to be done. If we never work to expose and address these underlying problems, then all we will ever be doing is treating the symptom and not the cause.  


All of this work takes a huge amount of time and uses resources. We need your support to do this. If you would like to help us, we would be incredibly grateful (like super-duper-ridiculously-happy) if you would consider making a donation. You can make a once off, or recurring donation. 

You can find detailed information about our past and ongoing projects here (see topics and links above) and in our blog. We will explain why we believe each of these areas is important and as matters progress we will explain what funds we have spent on each issue and why. 


The Animal Advocacy Project is a charity registered in England and Wales - Charity Number 1189603

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